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A Guide To Care For Your Artificial Press On Nails

Nov 30, 2023

Artificial nails are one of the most beautiful fashion trends. We all love a set of beautiful nails especially if they are plated with gold and studded with real diamonds. Rare Jewels is the sole provider of these designer nails. We provide you with a mesmerizing collection of gold-plated press on nails and diamond-studded press-on nails that come with an artificial nail kit for easy application and use. 

With Rare Jewels artificial nails, you get 24  and 24 glue tabs for easy and swift application of fake nails. You can choose from all nail sizes available to select the perfect 10 nails and use them on occasions such as wedding nails, engagement nails, or party-wear nails

How To Wear Artificial Press On Nails?

While the sterling silver nails are sturdier than the usual acrylic nails, care must be taken when you apply the artificial nails with glue over your nails. Following are the tips that one must consider while you use fake nails like luxurious diamond nails. It ensures efficient application and a smooth experience with artificial nails.

Select the nails: 

First, select the best nails that suit your needs from the set of 24 nails provided in the artificial nail kit. The fake nail kit consists of nails of varying sizes for inclusion of all. Ensure to select the nail that fits your needs perfectly and fits your nails well. 

Get nail ready: 

It is the most crucial part of fake nail application. Neglect in this step can cause you discomfort and difficulty in the application of these fake nails kit. You first need to remove dirt and remnants of all the nail polish by using an alcohol-based cleanser or polish remover. It will ensure that the glue sticks properly to your nails. You may buff your nails but remember to clean them properly. 

Reposition nail cuticle: 

Once you are satisfied with cleaning your nails, and they are clean, position them in a comfortable position such that you can apply the fake nails. Now, take a cuticle pusher and push back your cuticle to fit the artificial nails on your natural nails. Ensure not to use excessive pressure that can cause harm. 

Apply glue tab: 

Once you have decided which nails to use, it's time to take out the glue tabs that came with the kit. Carefully apply the glue tabs on the underside of the fake nails. Ensure that no glue tab is visible on the sides of the nails, because that is not very flattering, and the application could be difficult. 

Press the nails carefully: 

Once satisfied with the position of the glue tab, you can press the rare jewels artificial nails on your real nails and push them a little toward your cuticle. Firmly press those nails on the position so ensure glue tab sticks on your nails. You have successfully used the jewellery nails and are ready to rock the party. 

How To Remove Artificial Press On Nails?

Removing artificial nails is not rocket science that requires you to have team assistance. All you need is a cuticle pusher or a thick toothpick. Once you are all done with events and want to remove these beauties, you can use the cuticle pusher or this thin stick to peel off the glue stick. 

First, rest your hand in a comfortable position to remove the artificial nails. Now use the toothpick or cuticle pusher and give the puch on the underside of the nails to pull it away from your nails. The sides of the nails or the cuticle side are the best places to do so. Carefully place the tool of your choice in the small gap and push it upwards to remove the glue tab from your nails. 

Once you remove them, clean your nails to remove any dirt or the sticky residue of the glue from the glue tab. 

How To Store The Artificial Press On Nails?

The luxurious nails are either gold-plated, diamond nails, or both. It makes them sturdier than other artificial nails like acrylic nails or gel nails. However, proper care should be taken for these beautiful nails because lack of care can cause damage to your nails and impact the visual aesthetic of the jewellery nails.  

Once you receive or wear them, store them in a strong box or container. Place the box in a place that is out of reach of any turbulence or instability. 


Artificial nails like jewelry nails made of silver, gold, and diamonds are sturdier than acrylic and gel nails. However, proper care should be taken while wearing, removing, and storing them. While you wear them, ensure that you have clean nails, reposition the cuticle with the help of a cuticle pusher, and the nails with properly stuck glue tabs. Press the nails firmly when applying the artificial nails to ensure that they stick in place. Use a cuticle pusher or toothpick to push the nails away from the nails. You must store them in a strong container that can hold well in turbulence. Store them in a place that is stable to ensure no harm is caused to them. 

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