Embrace The Art Of Stunning Gold Platted Nails With Rare Jewels

Embrace The Art Of Stunning Gold Platted Nails With Rare Jewels

Nov 30, 2023

When we talk about the artificial nails we mostly think about the acrylic nails or gel nails. However, Rare Jewels have redefined the meaning of artificial nails with the touch of diamond and gold. The jewellery nails are luxurious bridal nails made of silver, gold, and diamonds. Here are some of the most beautiful nails from the House of Nails of Rare Jewels. 

Rare Jewels provide a mesmerizing collection of diamond-studded nails that are covered with natural diamond of varying colors and designs. But the gold nails are one of the most classic and chic jewellery nails they provide. Here are a few gold nails from the collection of Rare Jewels that can be your perfect fit for you to make your inner diva shine. 

French Manicure Gold Nails 

Don’t all love the sheer simplicity of the French manicure nails? The elegance of the French tip nails and the beauty of the contracting white tip from the rest of the nails are truly amazing. But have you imagined a diamond-studded French tip? That is exactly how Rare Jewels created this stellar nail. The nail plate is a silver nail with a layer of gold platted on it. The tip of this nail, that is the extended nail is made by studying natural diamonds onto it and creating a mesmerizing design of this French tip jewellery nail

Heart Nails With The Diamonds 

Hearts always make the design more beautiful and enticing. I mean there is a reason why the shape is the most used in creating jewellery and other articles. The nails are also not spared from the beauty of the heart shapes. At Rare Jewels, there are heart-shaped designs on nails to create a perfect heart gold nail. The heart-shaped nails are perfect as wedding nails, party wear nails, and more. The heart-shaped nails can be the line art form of a heart as well as a full heart made of nails. 

Double Heart Shape Nails

Double heart-shaped nail is the innovation brought in the classy heart-shaped nail design. They are perfect for your parties. The chic gold platting complemented by the diamonds makes them shine bright among the other options. If you do not like the plain old heart this double-heart nail design is perfect for you. It captures the beauty of the heart shape and gives a unique touch with its shape that captures people's eyes and hearts. 

Unique Black Diamond Nails 

We often think that white diamonds are the perfect match for gold jewellery nails. However, these gold-platted nails with black diamonds are here to prove that the combination is canon. This is a variation of French manicure nails with black-colored diamond studded nails which is elongated on the sides. The ballerina shape of the nails adds brownie points to these beautiful nails and makes them perfect for party wear or any occasion that calls for you to summon your inner diva.  

Love Letter Diamond Nails 

Love letter diamond nails are one of the most enticing sets of luxurious nails available at Rare Jewel. The nail plate of these gold-platted nails is studded with white colored diamonds forming the beautiful cursive letters of Love. The design is simplistic yet evokes a sense of elegance and delicacy. Rare Jewels offers you the liberty to change the color of the love letter artificial nails to make it fit your aesthetics. They are a perfect fit for your wedding nails to make your wedding attire more enticing. 

Diamond Alphabet Nails

Something as personalized as your name or initials makes the perfect unique jewellery to adorn your beauty. That’s where the stunning collection of rare jewels and gold platted nails make the perfect option. The gold-plated letter nails are a collection of gold nails studded with diamonds forming a single alphabet. You can customize the nails with your favorite colored stones or letters like LOVE or other letters to wear on your figures. 

The Diamond Shape On The Nails 

The diamond-shaped nails include designer gold platted nails with diamond-shaped designs on the nail plate. The diamond shape is filled with natural diamonds to elevate the luxurious aesthetics of these luxurious nails. You can customize the nails with varying shades of vibrant stones to give them your personal touch. 


Jewellery nails are the revolution of artificial nails. The beauty of the nails is adorned with gold and diamond along with the silver nail plate. The luxurious nails are studded with natural diamonds and coated with gold. The gold plating nails are the most beautiful of all and studded with vibrant shades make them stand out from the usual artificial nails. In this blog, we have talked about the beauty of gold-platted nails like French manicure gold nails, heart shape nails, double heart nails, alphabet nails, and more.  Rare Jewels provide you with the liberty to customize and personalize the jewellery nails with vibrant colored diamonds and design these luxurious nails. 

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