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8 Bridal Gold Jewellery Luxury Nails For This Wedding Season

Dec 28, 2023

Scrolling through the latest bridal gold jewellery for your wedding is a task of patience. We present you with unique gold jewellery for women in the form of nails jewellery. Yup, you read that right! Now you can wear real gold, not a golden color, on your nails. These nails are made from gold and studded with natural diamonds, adding a luxurious touch to your regal wedding avatar. 

8 Bridal Gold Jewellery Luxury Nails

Here, we have mentioned our top 8 wedding gold jewelry designs for nails that fit the wedding aesthetics right! 

Love Letter On Nails 

Love, a simple word that can change the trajectory of your life if you have experienced it. A wedding is a union of love, between the two people and families. So, we took the inspiration from this feeling and created a set of love-themed nails, we know classic right? These love letter gold nails have beautifully written love with diamonds and make the perfect companion for your big day. The beauty of the diamonds and gold is bound to elevate the beauty of your bridal avatar.   

Heart Shape Nails 

Is it even a love-themed design if it doesn’t have some hearts? What better design than a diamond heart nail jewellery to wear on your special day? Here, the diamond heart nail has a big heart shape made with natural diamonds adorning the beauty of the gold nail. They are the perfect aesthetic accessory for your bridal look especially if you are going for a red lehenga, they are the perfect match, just like you and your partner. 

Heart Nails For Brides

Looking for something chic for your bridal nails? We have the perfect match for your fashion-forward lehenga, it's our heart nails crafted with love. The designs consist of almond-shaped nails with a heart design made of a natural diamond that complements the gold nails' aesthetic. They are a perfect fit for your pastel-colored bridal set to add the finishing touch to your regal look. 

Double Heart Nails 

Have you ever loved someone so much that you think you have grown another heart? These double-heart nails are for you. It has the beauty of not only one but two hearts. The simplicity of the design and the charm of the diamonds make them the perfect way to add a chic element to your bridal attire. 

Love Alphabets 2D Nails 

Designer nail jewellery like this love alphabet 2D gold nails is the perfect description of how fashion can express emotions. Bridal fashion is a beautiful way to express love for their partners. This unique design is inspired by that love and beautifully depicts the delicacy of the relationship. The design includes 2D letters printed beautifully on the nails that make the perfect companion to the natural diamonds on the nails. 

Diamond French Tip Nails

Ovals and rounds can be very safe, but what if you want something different for your bridal nails? We got you covered! We present you with our square nails that are inspired by the classic French tip nails. They are French tip nails, except they are made of real gold, and the white tip is made of natural diamonds, true beauty if you ask us. 

Love Alphabet Nails 

If you haven’t guessed till now, let us tell you we are believers of love and use that in our nail jewellery design inspiration. Our wedding nail collection is especially filled with love and hearts because love is the essence of weddings. This love alphabet nail is a creation with diamonds and gold with the perfect symphony, just like your relationship with your special one. 

Gold-Diamond Nails

Okay, we have talked and shown enough love-themed designs, but our creativity is not limited to love and hearts. This natural diamond nails with black diamonds are the perfect companion to your wedding lehenga. The gold nails are adorned by black natural diamonds in a different symmetric style to add a chic element to this nail jewellery

Where To Buy Bridal Gold Jewellery Nails? 

Rare Jewels are pioneers in making natural diamond nails and gold nails with trending designs and shapes. We have an enticing collection of nails that encompasses varying shapes like square nails, ballerina nails, mountain peak nails, round nails, oval nails, and many more classic nail shapes.


Wedding season has begun! If you are getting married this season, we have something unique to elevate your bridal avatar’s charisma. Nail jewellery is something beyond the definition of bridal gold jewellery, it is something unique and adds value to your outfit. Our wedding nail collection is made specially for the brides and encompasses designs that scream love. But, other designs complement your bridal looks, whether you are going with the classic red lehenga or modern-day pastel set. Here, we have mentioned 8 bridal nails that fit the aesthetics and elevate the beauty of the bridal avatar of your dream wedding. Rare Jewel is a pioneer of gold nails and diamond nails made of real gold and natural diamonds to adorn the bearer's beauty. Check out our website for more such beautiful nails and shop for your perfect fit.

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