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The world of fashion is ever-changing and at a fast pace. Our team of experts stays up-to-date with trendy nail designs to enhance our collection to provide you with better options. This is the collection focused on our creations by our experts crafted keeping in mind the latest trends and demand in the industry. 

If you are on the lookout for rare nail designs for nail jewelry, you have stumbled on the right page. Our collection consists of silver gold diamond luxurious nails. Find the latest designs of the rare jewel of designer press on nails. 

Stellar Nails For Stunning Beholders!

The sterling silver fingernails are gold platted to give them that charming allure. It makes the perfect item to adorn the beauty of your jewelry collection. It is premium nails made by skilled craftsmen with utmost precision and modern designs. 

These gold diamond nails are made into the top luxurious nails to adorn on your special occasion. Gold and diamonds are a long-lasting investment to elevate your aesthetic appeal. The silver-gold glitter nails are perfect for various occasions where you need to pull your best glam look up. 

Silver-gold nails: 

Our nails are made of 925 sterling silver dipped in gold water to be gold platted to give them the real gold nails style. It is perfect to adorn on special occasions. 

We offer solid gold nails as well as diamond studded nails. The solid gold-plated nails seem to be golden nails shining bright in all their royal glory. The diamond-studded nails are of various designs such as butterfly nails, wedding nails, bridesmaid nails, heart designs nails, and other rare nail designs. 

A gold-plated nail is good, but nails studded with diamonds from the base to the very tip are better. The silver glitter nails are made by covering them with a layer of diamonds of varying colors. The diamonds make classy nail designs crafted considering the demand and want of our clients and market trends. 

Rare Jewelers For A Rare Jewel 

It is natural for you to wonder why you should choose to get your hands on nail gold jewelry. For one, it is pretty and chic to wear and make people wonder about them. It is a quality purchase at reasonable and affordable prices.  The design and quality are worth the money you invest in a piece of good jewelry to elevate the aesthetics of your jewelry collection. 

To enhance your experience with our rare jewelry, we offer you the following service with classy nail jewelry. 

  • We offer a diverse collection of gold and diamond nails to find the perfect set of silver press-on nails. 
  • Nail jewelry is made with excellence from scratch to the final product assembly. The nails go through a thorough quality check process before it is packaged for you. 
  • Price and quality relation that satiates your need for a luxury brand and luxury product. 
  • A set of more than ten nails with multiple tubes of adhesives to make the press-on nails stay.
  • We offer free shipping on orders available in PAN India. 
  • We accept payment through multiple flexible methods to make it easy for you. 
  • We offer 24/7 customer support and understandable policies to elevate your experience. 
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