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Rs. 8,265.00 Rs. 9,918.00
Rs. 2,960.20 Rs. 3,552.00
Rs. 21,168.00 Rs. 25,402.00
Rs. 28,484.00 Rs. 34,181.00
Rs. 34,632.00 Rs. 41,558.00
Rs. 27,076.00 Rs. 32,491.00
Rs. 30,276.00 Rs. 36,331.00
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Explore the magic world of nail jewelry of Rare Jewels. Our house of nails offers you luxurious silver-gold and diamond studded nails. 

You can find all we have in our arsenal of trendy nails. Whether you like bold solid gold-plated nails or glamorous diamond nails, we got you covered! The styling of these artificial nails is not limited to their material or diamonds but also the shape of the nails.  

House of Nails: Rare Jewels

The choice of nail shape is essential to make your life easy. It should be comforting and practical enough so that doing simple tasks doesn’t become a hectic chore. While the best nail jewels are adorning your beauty, you should be able to hold on to things.
Here are all the types of press on nails you could find or customize to make it to your liking. 

Round shape 

It is one of the classic and chic nail shapes loved by many. It is a shape that could help you elevate your elegance and are easy to maintain and carry. Short round nails are much like a square but have a curve on the top to make it fit all. 

Natural oval shape 

It is the veteran nail shape, popular forever. The oval nails fit well with most nail and nail art designs. These nails are often known to give an elegant vibe to the beholder. 

Almond shape 

These nails are as the name suggests, almond-like. The base of the almond shaped nails is broader, but it gets a little narrower on the tip. The tip is round to give it a chic look that gives elegant vibes. They go perfectly well with stylish yet comfy nail styles. 

Square shape 

It is one of the most popular nail shapes among nail art lovers. It is so because of its simplicity and solid build that elevates the luxurious vibe of your outfit. They are available as long square nails and short square nails

Pointed shape 

The pointy top of the nails is perfect for your sharp mindset and chic fashion aesthetics. The carefully designed tip of the pointed shape nails represents your perfection and put-together look. 

Ballerina shape 

These classy nail designs are for those who love to add a little drama to their appearances. The ballerina nail shape is like that of a stiletto but the top is squared out. These are fashionable, classy, and yet comfortable to wear. 

Mountain peak shape 

They are a softer version of a stiletto. The mountain peak nails has a pointy tip with curved sides for use in daily life. They are the perfect blend of drama and comfort to make your fashion aesthetic reach a high. 

Lipstick shape 

It is for the daring divas who love to experiment with their styles and love to go bold. The top of  the lipstick nails jewelry is angled and thus adds dramatics to the outfit. 

Find rare jewelry that fits your unique personality the best and elevates your fashion aesthetics. Check out our collection of gold diamond nails

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