Jewelry On Nails: Innovation In Nail Art

Jewelry On Nails: Innovation In Nail Art

Oct 25, 2023

We love nail art, and that's a fact. Who doesn’t? It is a way to embrace your style and express yourself better. There are many types of nail art to style your nails. From acrylic to gel nails, we have seen it all, but what if we tell you there is one more way of styling your nails?  luxury nail is one of the rising trends to adorn your nails. 

Nail jewelry is a first-of-its-kind nail art. It includes using silver and diamonds to create press-on nails. We at Rare Jewels have created this unique sterling silver beautiful nails  jewellery and offer you this creation. The 925 sterling silver is used to create the artificial nail plate gold-platted nails and diamond nails. It makes a unique and extravagant way to style your nails to elevate the chic aesthetics of your outfit. 

Types Of Silver Nails: 

While silver is the base element of these nails, the beauty of these nails is adorned with other elements of creating beautiful jewellery. 

Gold Plated Nails Press-On Nails

The gold-plated press on nails is a creation that makes the perfect artificial nail option. The sterling silver plate of the nails is dipped in gold solution to coat it with a good layer of gold. This creates the most enticing gold-plated nails. These gold nails can be worn as it is or adorned with glimmering natural diamonds. The diamonds are studded in creative designs on the gold-plated nails. These designs could be customized to the liking of the customers. Some of the most popular designs of the gold-plated beauties are love alphabet nails, french tip nails, and more. 

Diamond-Studded Press-On Nails 

Diamonds can elevate the glamour of any outfit with ease. The diamond-studded fake nails are made by using natural diamonds on the nails. The silver plate makes the perfect base of the diamonds to adorn its beauty with stunning designs. Vibrant colored diamonds could be used to create the designs of the diamond press on nails. These designs could include a combination of one or more colors of diamonds in entrancing patterns and styles to fit modern trends.  

Shape Of The Nails

While diamond and gold-plated nails are good, the adaptability of these nails to various styles is what makes them truly worth it. The nail art has diverse shapes that could be made to fit the needs and aesthetics of the one wearing them. The shapes vary from the most known round nails to bold ballerina nails and pointed nails as well. One can choose the nail shape that fits their needs the best. 

Why Choose Our Rare Jewellery Nails?

Now that we know the beauty of these nail jewllery, you may wonder, Why should I buy these nail jewellery? There are many reasons but few of them have been mentioned below. 

Luxurious Nails 

Silver Gold Diamonds have been testaments of wealth and class. The idea of using these on nails is intriguing and truly unique. While your acrylics are chic nothing can match the luxury nail aesthetics coated with gold and diamonds. It is classy and makes the perfect investment for your wardrobe. 

Designer Nails 

The purpose of wearing any press-on nail is to make your nails look good and adorn your attire aesthetics. The designs of the press on nails help you express yourself better and embrace your style better. The design may include the use of vibrant colored varying diamonds and different designs of nails to fit the diamonds. The gold glitter nails are crafted by our team of experts always up-to-date with the modern trends in the market to create the best designs for our nail jewellery. 

Diverse Shapes

Individuals have individual likings and aesthetics. The nails are one of the ways for individuals to express themselves. There are many ways one can express themselves through nails, the nail shape is one feature that helps people embrace their style more. The collection of Rare Jewels includes short round nails, square nails, natural oval nails, pointed nail shapes, mountain peak nails, ballerina nails, and more. Embrace your style and aesthetics with the shape of nails that express you the best. 

Customizable Design 

Nail art is all about embracing and expressing yourself better with your nails. That calls for you to be able to customize your press on nails. At Rare Jewels, you can customize the designs of these jewellery on nails to your liking. The colored diamond, the design, and anything that you want is possible. Our experts make these nails from scratch, thus making this process simpler and easier. 

Easy To Use 

Jewellery nails are easy to use and apply. Proper care and taking precautions could make them last for longer and reusable. You will receive free glue tabs with the rare jewels products to ensure proper application. Also, in one set of nails, there are 24 nails to provide you with options to choose from. 

Explore the stunning collection of jewellery nails at Rare Jewels to find your perfect set of luxurious press-on nails.