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If You Are A Romantic, These Gold Luxury Nails Are For You!

Dec 28, 2023

If you are a romantic or think falling in love is the ultimate goal of life, this love-inspired nail jewellery for women. We believe in love and take inspiration from this feeling and the hearts to make our nails jewellery. We have a range of diamond or gold nails, however, few are just perfect. We have mentioned a few of our gold and natural diamond jewellery that fits the concept of love perfectly! 

The Stunning Luxury Nails

If you like glamour in your life and fashion, these nails are for you. I mean we all love the glimmering beauty of the diamonds, for very obvious reasons. Not only are they precious but add the perfect touch of elegance to your outfit. Not only that but it can boost your confidence and assist in carrying out your outfit like a pro. 

Let's look at some of our designer luxury nails that are inspired by the beauty of love and the meaning it beholdes. All of these nails are made of real gold and natural diamonds which adds more meaning to this. It makes the perfect gift for your loved ones and yourself as well. 

Let's take a look at some of our classic nails that your romantic and fashionista self would love. If you are not interested you can read it for your loved one, or even share this blog with them. 

The Staple: Heart 

It is impossible to not talk about the classic old heart shape when talking about love and romance. The years-old representation of love and a major part of the designer world this shape is one of the staples in our designs. They are perfect as bridal gold jewellery nails to wear on the most precious day. 

Spell Your Love

We often say spill your heart, how about spelling love with diamonds? Exciting right? These diamond nails are unique in many ways. First, it is made of gold and natural diamonds that scream luxurious energy followed by the fact that the word ‘Love’ is engraved on the nails with diamond making it precious. 

Love As Big As Your Heart 

Even if you are a romantic, classic heart shapes can be a little boring or too common. What if you want to buy something romantic but unique as well? These double heart-shaped designer gold nails are your perfect gift. 

Full Of Diamonds


Love doesn’t necessarily have to be spelled. These full diamond nails are perfect for anyone who loves nails and diamonds, it's heaven. The beauty of natural diamonds adorns the beauty of nails and the one who wears them. These ballerina nails are the perfect balance of enticing design and beauty of the diamonds. 

More Of Love


Hearts are never enough and thus we created one more heart nail for all the romantic soul. This one is filled with diamond and create an enticing design. They are perfect to wear on your wedding day. The bride's beauty would be intensified. 

Golden Nails 

Looking for something precious for the one that brightens your life can be tricky. Someone precious deserves something precious like these golden diamond nails. They are the perfect companion to many of the festive attire to elevate their charm. The mountain peak nail shape is one of the trending designs popular because of its chic aesthetics and the relative comfort of wearing them. 

Gifts For You Or Your Loved Ones

Romance is intensified when there is a give and take. Giving your loved one gifts that are as precious as you. 

Whether it is to someone else or yourself, expressing your love is crucial and these nails might be the best way to do so. I mean everyone loves diamonds and gold, who doesn’t? Add to that the fact that it is something unique that not everyone would think about. This one would be especially amazing if the person you are giving this gift to is a fashion enthusiast and loves to experiment with styling and nails. 

You can gift these beautiful jewellery nails as:

  • Birthday gift for your dear ones and yourself
  • Wedding gift for your closest ones 
  • Anniversary gift for your wife 
  • Pleasentary gift for someone special 


Romantic souls are only known to give and receive love. If you are a romantic these nails are for you. The designs are inspired by love and are perfect to gift someone to who you love and want to express your love. The designs include gold nails with single-line hearts, double hearts, love engraved by diamonds, ballerina nails, and golden diamond nails. These nails are the perfect gift for those who love to express themselves and love fashion. Loving yourself is crucial and if you love fashion trends, the beauty in diamonds is your companion. Rare Jewels have a wide collection of diamond nails that are aligned with the trends in fashion and provide you with one-of-a-kind diamond nail jewellery made with gold and natural diamonds. Check our website for more such beautiful rare jewels. 

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