Rs. 2,960.20 Rs. 3,552.00
Rs. 8,265.00 Rs. 9,918.00
Rs. 27,076.00 Rs. 32,491.00
Rs. 6,860.00 Rs. 8,233.00
Rs. 4,433.00 Rs. 5,320.00
Rs. 7,651.00 Rs. 9,181.00
Rs. 6,458.00 Rs. 7,151.00
Rs. 6,534.40
Rs. 5,172.00 Rs. 6,207.00
Rs. 4,953.00 Rs. 5,957.00

A wedding is a special day that you cherish for your life. We take extra measures and steps to find the most beautiful outfits and accessories to elevate your style and aesthetics on a particular day. Wedding nails are one of the accessories that people care a lot about. Nail Jewelry is a unique way to style your nails on a happy day such as a wedding. 

You must look like the definition of elegance and chic with the traditional yet modern avatar you decide to adorn. We understand that nails are crucial on such occasions, and so we have come up with rare jewels to style your nails on your special day. The wedding collection includes varying wedding nail designs of elegant and classy silver-gold diamond bridal nails crafted by industry experts. 

Rare Jewel for Weddings!

Love is one of the most beautiful feelings one could experience in life. A wedding is the celebration of such love among the individuals who tie knots for life. We, Rare Jewels, take inspiration from this beautiful feeling to create beautiful nails in our house of nails. 


It is a marvelous collection of silver diamond studded nails and gold-plated nails made available to you with specular designs made by our skilled professionals. The simple nails design are inspired by love and are visually pleasing, all while having meaningful designs that communicate your emotions. 

Here is the list of premium nail designs that have received much love from our precious clients. 

❤️Heart Nail Design 

A wedding is a celebration of love. It is incomplete without hearts, and what is better than a beautiful bridal nail studded with diamonds in a heart shape? It is a simplistic design that complements your attire for the big day.  

💕Double Heart Nail Design 

If simple hearts seems basic to you, add a little dramatics to them with the double heart shape. It is a simplistic yet chic design that adds a little more style to your attire. 

🅻🅾🆅🅴 Alphabet Nail Design 

Love alphabet studded nails are one of the creative ways to style your nails. It is unique and would help you communicate your feeling and style. 

🅻🅾🆅🅴 Letter Nail Design 

Love letter nails are simple letters decorated onto the nails with studded diamonds. It is simplistic yet elegant and perfect for your day. 

Gold-plated and diamond-studded nails :

Silver gold plated nails with diamond studded in intricate pattern makes the perfect catchy and chic designs. You can let your elegance shine with coloring diamonds studded on certain parts of the nails or cover the entire nail in glittery goodness. 

Custom made for you!

We make classy nail designs based on our market trends and what our clients love. However, our creativity is not limited to us. We assist you with customized rare nail designs that fit your attire and style the best. Your imagination and our skills make the most classy wedding nail designs just made for you.

Silver press-on nails with gold plating are one of the best nail jewelry one could adorn on a wedding day. Our wedding collection is for all the brides to find their perfect pair of bridal nails. Check out our collection to explore more trendy nails. 

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