If your order has not yet been dispatched, you can cancel it using the cancel option on the website. Your money will be reimbursed into your bank account in the event of cancellations when the product  has not been dispatched within a period of 5 working days. From the date of the return, it can take an additional 1-2 days for the money to appear in your bank account.

If a product has been sent from the warehouse and the order is cancelled, the refund must start within 5 working days of the day the product is returned to the warehouse. The refund may take an extra 1-2 days from the day it is initiated to appear in your bank account.

  1. a) If the order has not been dispatched when it is returned or cancelled, you will be responsible for paying gateway fees equal to 2% of the invoice amount.
  2. b) When the order has been sent, you are responsible for paying gateway fees in the amount of 2% of the invoice.
  3. c) If you paid cash on delivery for the order, you are responsible for paying all shipping and logistics fees.

Please take note that the delivery partner will be the only one to determine the Cash on Delivery and Shipping Costs.

Discount coupons are only intended to be used once, and they will still be considered used even if the order is cancelled. If you decide to cancel, the loyalty points you used will be reimbursed back to your account.

No matter what, loyalty points cannot be exchanged for cash.

By login into your account on the platforms and selecting "cancel order" under the "my order" section, orders can be cancelled.


Please be aware that changing the mailing address may result in higher or lower shipping costs for the order, which the client will be responsible for paying. For all orders placed with The Nail Shop, the SHIPPING POLICIES listed on all platforms apply to you.


1) We provide our customers a simple return policy, allowing them to submit a request for a refund, replacement, or exchange within 4 working days of the day the products were delivered.

2) A return and replacement request can also be started by writing to us and sending a photo of the item to be returned and replaced together with your order number on customer support.

3) Items or orders that can be returned, exchanged, or replaced if requested by the customer, the products must be picked up within five working days of the day the return, replacement, or exchange request was made, provided that the seal and all other stickers are still in tact and the product is not damaged.

4) In the event that a return, replacement, or exchange request is made, any free gifts that were included with the order must be returned to us.

5) In the event that the client elects to use the return option, the loyalty points used will be reimbursed back to the account within 5 working days.

6) Product availability will always be a factor in replacement and/or exchange decisions. If a replacement or exchange is not possible because the products are not available for whatever reason, then Within five days of the exchange and/or replacement request being made, we will start a refund in the client's bank account. When we have begun the refund on our end, it typically takes two to three days for it to appear in your bank account.


Merchandise that you use or abuse.

products whose original packaging has been damaged.

Items that are missing their original seal, barcode, labels, complimentary gifts, and other attachments.

The brand provides complementary goods.

products that have been modified or altered.

Products with flaws that are not covered by the seller's warranty

Items for which a request for a return, replacement, exchange, or refund is/are made after five days of order receipt.

Products that, for hygienic reasons, cannot be swapped, replaced, returned, or reimbursed.

Please Take Note: During Special Sale / Promotion times, special return, exchange, and refund policies may be in effect.


Before your products are dispatched, our teams conduct thorough quality inspections.