9 Stunning Jewellery Nails Of Rare Jewels

9 Stunning Jewellery Nails Of Rare Jewels

Oct 25, 2023

Rare Jewels are the house of unique jewellery on nails. The luxury jewellery nail consists of 925 Sterling Silver nails adorned with the beauty of gold and diamonds. The silver press-on are either gold glitter nails or diamond studded press on nails to make the perfect luxury nails. Ditch your regular acrylic and gel nails for these stunning jewellery nails. 

Here at Rare Jewels, you can find the most stunning designs of diamond nails that can be customized to your liking. The designs are created by our group of experts keeping in mind the latest trends in the world of fashion. Anyone can find what fits their aesthetics and needs. 

Simple Square Nails

The square-shaped nails never go out of style. The chic and classic aesthetics of the square nail shape can now be elevated with the glamour of the diamonds. The silver square nails are covered with a layer of glimmering diamonds. Whether you like short square nails or long square nails we got you covered with our diverse product range. The color and pattern of the nails could be customized as per the choice of the customers. 

Stunning Pointed Nails 

Love experimenting with fashion accessories? We have the perfect press on nails for you. The pointed-shaped nails are among the most trendy and stunning nails anyone could wear. Our collection of pointed nails is made to fit the glamour and aesthetic needs of women wanting to follow the fashion trends. They can be studded with vibrant colored diamonds with an enticing pattern of multiple colored diamonds in the nails.

Unique French Tip Nails

Do you love French tip nail art? The stunning designs where you can flex your nails with the most stunning design. What if we tell you that you can elevate the chic aesthetics of the regular French tip with these diamonds? They are gold-plated nails studded with natural diamonds to make these nails even more enticing. 

Customized Crescent Nails 

Do you want to make your imagination of nail art come to life? You are in the right place. We specialize in unique nail art designs made of silver gold diamonds to fit your chic aesthetics. The enamel work makes them alluring. The stunning diamonds along with the intricate enamel work elevate the classy vibes that your attire evokes. Customize your nails as per your choice and embrace your style. 

Butterfly Nails 

Butterflies are the most free-willed and vibrant creatures of nature. These nails are inspired by the beauty of the butterflies to make the customized press-on nails. The diamond nails are made of silver and studded with natural diamonds and vibrant enamel making them every bit luxurious and eye catchy. The enamels used in the designs elevate the vibrance and aesthetics of the diamond-studded nails

Rose on Nails

The beauty of the roses has been appreciated for ages. The roses are a symbol of love and admiration. The customized nail has a beautiful pattern of rose adorned with glimmering natural diamonds and enticing enamel work to elevate the aesthetics of the silver nails. The natural diamonds add to the charm of these luxury nails. The nails can be customized to your accord. There are a total of 24 nails in one set of press-on nails, you can customize all of them or just one as per your needs. 

Mesmerizing Ballerina Nails 

This one is for the ones who love to try out different things and slay in all of them. The elegance of the ballerina nails combined with the chic aesthetics of the diamonds makes the perfect match for your luxury nail art experience. The ballerina shapes in among the trending designs of nail art lovers. The diamonds make them mesmerizing and fitting to the modern vibes of your attire.  

Double Heart Nails

Hearts make the best design for possibly anything, nails are no exception. There are plenty of heart diamond nails but the double heart nail design is the most stunning. The unique design gives you an edge and the glimmering diamonds add to the charm of this stunning jewellery nail. The nails are gold platted and studded with natural diamonds in heart shape. They are perfect for weddings and other occasions where you need to put your best look forward. 

Colorful Nails 

What is even a diamond nail if you can experiment with vibrant shades of diamond on the nail? We have created this amazing collection of colored nails where we utilize our vibrant colored natural diamonds to cover the surface of the sterling silver nail to make it more enticing. We can create yellow nails, green nails, black nails, or blue nails or combine two or more colored nails to create the most stunning patterns. 

You can buy all of these stunning jewellery nails and more from Rare Jewel's official website. Happy Exploring!