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Nail jewelry is the new fashion trend taking the world. While acrylic nails are good, diamond nails are better to be the show stopper. It is a way of embodying the elegance and style you behold exquisitely. 

The community of nail lovers is diverse and widespread. Here is our little corner for you to know what jewelry on nails is ruling the hearts of fellow nail art lovers. We have made a collection of the best nail jewels popular and loved among our clients. 

Love on the nails

Love. A beautiful feeling to exist and to express. We have jewel designs of nails inspired by love. It is one of the most loved concepts we have created rare nail designs for. The simplicity of the designs and the meaning they communicate is to credit. 

This design is preferred by the brides as their wedding nails. The striking shine of the diamonds makes their wedding day even more glamorous. 

All the classy nail designs of our House of Nails based on this enchanting concept have been among our top-selling products receiving love from our precious customers. Here is a small description of our most popular love concept rare nail designs. 

An outline heart diamond nails:

The silver gold-plated nails are studded with diamonds in the shape of an outline of a heart. It is a simplistic design that is chic and minimal. 

A double heart nail design: 

This is a subtle design that is one of the most popular designs. The double heart shape outline is studded on the gold-plated silver press on the nail. 

A heart diamond nails:

A heart shape studded onto a nail is a simple yet classy design popular among our customers. 

Love alphabets: 

Each alphabet spelled with stunning diamond studded nails makes an alluring accessory for many occasions. 

Love letters nail:

The beauty of love, the letter, studded on the silver gold plated nails. 

Diamond on the nails 

The glamorous gems, the diamonds are love for anyone. The stellar shine of these natural diamonds is now not limited to traditional jewelry alone. Nail jewelry is now redefined with the diamond-studded nail press-on. 

White diamond nails are among the most popular and in-demand types of nail jewelry on our product list. The pattern of these diamonds is different. It ranges from simple nails with hearts, french tips, butterfly designs, and more. These luxurious nails are often preferred as bridesmaid nails. It is because these nails are the perfect balance of charm and subtle designs. They will add a soft touch to your attire. 

Full diamond nails filled with monotone or multiple-colored stones are also popular among our valuable clients. The patterns of these fully studded nails may vary. One can customize the nails and designs as per their needs to get the best out of this investment. These are perfect for brides’ nails as the wedding nail designs are studded to the tip with stellar natural diamonds. It blends well with the overall charm of your attire for your special day. 

Check out our website for other products of diamond press-on nails to find your fit.
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