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The fashion industry is not limiting its wonders of apparel and accessories alone. Nails have become just as important a part of fashion as clothes or other accessories. We are here to elevate your nail art aesthetics with our rare nail designs

Acrylic nails and gel nails are one of the most commonly used nail type people preferred by nail art lovers around the world. These nail types make an amazing base to create a variety of designs. However, you can elevate the wow factor of these press-on nails by adding the bling of the silver diamond nails. 

The Dazzling Diamonds For The Silver Glitter Nails

When we think of luxury nails we think about gems stones and paints and more. But, ever wondered about wearing a piece of nail jewelry? A truly charming and carefully crafted piece of jewelry to adorn your attire with beautiful nails.  

There is no competition for nails made of gold silver diamond. The glamorous and classy nail design is made of 925 Sterling Silver and Natural Diamond studded on a gold-plated nail plate. The bling of the diamonds and the shine of the glow of the gold makes enchanting nail art. 

Diamonds have been one of the most precious things to adorn jewelry. Nail jewelry shall not remain untouched by the remarkable beauty of the diamonds. We at rare jewels embrace the elegance of the glowing wonders, the diamonds, and gold. 

We make colored diamond nails and incorporate varying colors of diamond in our designs. It gives rise to our stunning collection of white, black, blue, red, and yellow nails

Embracing differences: 

Like all our fingers are not of the same height, our choice of nails is not the same. The various nails shape available in the market to fit various personas to express their style can be intimidating. Worry not! We got you covered with our wide range of diamond-shaped nails

Following are a few of the most trendy nail shapes loved by fashion and nail art lovers. We have created stellar designs of jewelry on nails. Find what nail shape suits you like a glove and help you level up your attire. 

The Precious Premium!

Just as its name suggests our premium collection is truly precious premiums. The offerings of this collection are luxury nails studded with diamonds with remarkable quality that speaks for you. 

  • The nails are made of 10KT gold and natural diamonds
  • The premium nail collection comes with a set of 24 nails of varying sizes of little, medium, and large. You can reuse these nails to get the best out of these beautiful nails. 
  • There are 24 glue tabs provided in the package to make the application easy and simple. The proper application ensures that the diamond nails stay in place. 
Explore the exquisites of diamond press-on nails from our premium collection and embrace the style in elegance. Check out our website for more silver-gold plated nails.
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