Rare Jewels: The House of Nails

Rare Jewels: The House of Nails

Aug 28, 2023

Nails. One of the most trending and elegant ways to style yourself up. Whether with simple nail polish or high-end materials, tools, and styles like gel nails, acrylic nails, and more. However, no material can match the class and elegance of diamonds and gold. Rare Jewel is the one and only patent owner for nail jewelry around the globe producing classy rare nail designs of diamond nails. 

Nail Jewelry: The Art Of Gold And Diamonds

Traditionally we have worn jewelry around our necks, ears, figures, and more, but wearing them on nails? Yeah, that is probably not the first thought that strikes our mind when we think of styling our nails. But we do think that jewelry on nails is a plausible idea. 

Who doesn’t like the diamonds? We love them and thought of a way to incorporate them into your style and fashion aesthetics uniquely and elegantly with Rare Jewels’ Gold and Diamond press on nails. 

These classy nail designs are made of 925 Sterling Silver to keep it aesthetic and increase its value. They are then converted into gold-plated nails or diamond-studded nails. One can find solid gold nails, full diamond nails, or gold diamond nails with rare nail designs. 

Embracing Style: Something For Everyone

We humans are diverse creatures, each with our minds, needs, and likes. Style is one of the most diverse things that set us apart from the others. Something of our own to represent our persona and aesthetics. Nails are one of the methods to own our element and present ourselves the way we like. 

We understand that people have varying likings and seek to be on trends when it comes to fashion. To keep the best interest of our customers, we have created the following collection of trendy nails to make our customers' lives a tad bit easier and save time from going through the entire product list. 

Rare Jewelers Nail Collections:

These collections are available on the website of Rare Jewels. They make your life easy by assisting you to find products that fit your needs and align with the goal you have to buy these beautiful nails. The collections are as mentioned below:

All Collection

Want to explore the art of nail jewelry? This ‘All collection’ is for you. It is all our creative sterling silver fingernails, gold plated or diamond studded press-on nails. You can find gold-plated nails with studded diamond designs or full diamond nails with multiple colors of options available. 

Best Seller 

Want to stay up-to-date with what is trending among nail lovers? ‘Best Seller’ is your destination to find which of our products have been bought the most by our clients. It is a collection of gold diamond nails that is popular because of its designs and diamonds, of course! 

New Arrival 

Want to keep up with what's new in trendy nail jewelry? Keep your eyes on this ‘New Arrival’  collection of nails. The experts at Rare Jewels work dedicatedly to make beautiful nails adorned with the beauty of diamonds. The collection is updated with new designs of the best nail jewels

Premium Nails 

Love the sparkling diamonds? The ‘Premium Nails’ collection is filled with our premium product, Diamond press-on nails. This collection is the most precious collection of carefully curated intrinsically designed nails. They are to be used on special occasions and for special days. 


Looking for unique jewelry to wear on your special day? The ‘Wedding’ collection is inspired by love celebrated on the special day of weddings. It could be perfect bridal nails or wedding nails for bridesmaids nails. The collection is filled with shapes of hearts, double heart shapes, and letter nails. The letters' nails could be customized with the letters you like. 

Shapes Matter!

nails shape

Nails come in varying shapes to fit different aesthetics, styles and needs of one wearing the nails. The shapes of the nails add meaning and aesthetics to your outfit and help you present yourself, so it's essential to choose the correct type of nail shape for a better visual and wearing experience. 

  • Round Nail: The most classy nail shape to ever exist. A rounded nails shape is one of the comfiest to wear and easiest to style. 
  • Natural Oval Nail:
    The oval-shaped nails are slightly tapered on the tip giving it a nice edge of chic. 
  • Square Nail:
    It is one of the known shapes having a good blend of stylish and unique design. 
  • Almond Nail:
    Almond nails are slightly elongated nail shapes tapered from the sides and top. 
  • Pointed Nail:
    Pointed-shaped nails are as their name suggests pointy at the top of the nails. They are one for the daring women out there looking for fashion adventure. 
  • Ballerina Nail:
    Ballerina nails are a balance of elegance and dramatic design that are perfect for styling your attire for the special day. 
  • Mountain Peak Nail:
    Mountain peak nails are like pointy nails but a little toned down. They are good if you want to wear something like pointed nails but make it more manageable. 
  • Lipstick Nail:
    Lipstick Nails are slightly angled which gives it a unique style. 

Why Choose Rare Jewels? 

Why choose?

Now that you know what we do and what we provide, you might wonder, why should I choose you though? Here are a few reasons to choose our designer silver press on nails.

  • We are the creators of this one-of-a-kind product of diamond nails, and no one can do it better than us. 
  • We offer you the best quality nails crafted by our experts and passed through rigorous quality checks.
  • We use the highest quality 925 Sterling silver and gold plating and they are studded with natural diamonds that make the most beautiful nails. 
  • A variety of designs, styles, and shapes are made available to you. You can choose whichever nails fit your needs the best. 
  • You can customize our nails per your needs and requirements of shape and designs. 
  • We offer you a kit with the nails that you buy. This kit consists of 24 sets of press-on nails of varying sizes along with 24 glue tabs for easy application and press-on experience. 
  • Our transparent pricing policy ensures you know what exactly you are paying for and its worth. 
  • There are multiple payment options available for you to pay with. 
  • There is free shipping on orders. 
  • Our customer service is available for our customers 24/7. 

Do not miss out on this amazing art of nails. Check out the website of Rare Jewels for classy and chic diamond nails to find your perfect fit for trendy nails.