Diamond Nails: The Elegance Of Jewelry On Nails

Diamond Nails: The Elegance Of Jewelry On Nails

Aug 28, 2023

Nail art has gained immense love from fashion enthusiasts around the globe. The versatility of styles and designs that could be created for these artificial nails is beyond the imagination of many. Rare Jewels have come up with such artistic wonders in the nail art world with diamond nails or nail jewelry made of silver gold diamonds. 

Diamonds, in all shapes and forms, are the most precious gems in the world. We have come up with a creative way for you to infuse diamonds in your attire in a unique way. Rare Jewel presents you with silver press-on nails that are gold platted to make the most beautiful nails to adorn your wardrobes chic vibes. 

The Beauty Of Our Rare Jewel:

Our nail jewelry, aka diamond nails, is just like any other artificial press-on nails, except these are luxuriously made of silver and studded with natural diamonds. The use, application, and precautions for these nails are more or less the same as the artificial press-on. 

Following are a few things that make our diamond nails a true rare jewel:

  • Our nails embrace the beauty of sterling silver, gold, and glamorous diamonds. Our team of experts blends these elements and crafts amazing designs of studded nails. 
  • The diamond nails could be embedded with multicolor nails to craft the most beautiful colored diamond nails. These colors could range to create classic white nails, yellow nails, black nails, emerald nails, and more.  
  • The liberty to customize these nails makes them the perfect choice for your special days when you need something that distinctively represents your persona and elements. 
  • The Rare Jewels press-on nails are made with trendy shapes. It is to ensure that you do not remain behind with the nail art and always put your best foot (finger in our case) forward. 
  • Our nails are adorned with beautiful and enchanting designs created by our team of experts specialized in the field. 
  • These diamond nails come in a set of 24 nails of varying sizes short, medium, and long. One can find the 10 nails that fit their fingers like a comfy pair of gloves. 
  • If proper precaution is taken, these nails could be reused with ease to make it worth your investment. 

5 Ways To Embrace The Elegance Of Diamond Nails 

We have talked about how beautiful the jewelry on nails can look. But, we believe in showing you how these nails could look perfect. Here are 5 designs and shapes of nail jewelry that are practical and loved by our clients. 

These shapes are widely used by nail lovers and thus we have incorporated them in creating our collections. It makes our collection of nails compelling with trendy nails that fit your aesthetics and elevate the chic style you need to look stellar on special days when you make these nails even more glamorous with your beauty. 

Stunning Square Nails:


These short square nails are made from a 925 sterling silver base with white studded diamonds. These nails are the perfect balance of chic and sophisticated with the shape and elegance of white natural diamonds used in the design.   

Dazzling double heart:

These gold-plated nails are adorned with double heart designs. It adds a chic element to your attire with a simple yet classy design that represents the love you behold. The almond-shaped double-heart nail design adds a nice touch of trendy design to your overall attire. 

Unique Customized Nails:

Nothing beats the beauty of nails that are custom-made for you. These butterfly nail designs embrace the beauty of the butterfly to create this amazing design of nails that make it. The vibrant colors of the wings add to the meaning of the free nature of the butterfly. The enamel color used in the design elevates the enchanting beauty of these nails. 

Love prevails:

These nails blend the perfect art of gold-platted nails and the concept of love. The love alphabet and heart diamond nails are the perfect nail set for weddings. Bridal nails are essential to give a fine finishing touch to your overall attire. It adds to the visual and emotional value of your outfit. You can use alphabet nails to create customized nails for your special day.  

Full diamond nails:


Diamonds make any jewelry better. Diamond press on nails with a layer of beautiful natural diamonds of varying colors and designs makes a perfect set of glamorous nails. These yellow nails are perfect to add nice bling to your attire subtly. 

Explore the beauty of rare jewels with our creative designs that could be your perfect accessory to adorn your attire on special days. 

We got you covered with our gold-plated and diamond-studded design adorning the beauty of nail shapes trending in the market. Check out our products at Rare Jewel to find out more about such enchanting designs of our luxury nails.