Black And White Diamond nails
Black And White Diamond nails
Black And White Diamond nails

Rounded Shape Full Studded Black And White Diamond

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Natural diamonds are highly valued for their rare beauty, durability, and unique characteristics. They are formed deep within the Earth and are used in a variety of jewelry, prized for their sparkle and brilliance.


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Product Details

Rounded Shape Full Studded Black And White Diamond Designer Artificial Nail Extension


  • Application : Finger Nails
  • Nail Length : 18.23 mm
  • Nail Width : 16.35 mm
  • Material : 10KT Gold with Black And White Diamond
  • Diamond Material : Natural Diamond
  • Yellow Diamond : 300
  • Shape : Rounded Natural
  • Color : As shown in the picture. Some color difference may occur due to different screen resolutions and lighting.
Benefits of Press On Nails

Great time saving! Press-ons can be applied in as little as 30 minutes, quickly and easily! Having access to luxurious and Trendy nail art at all times.

The duration is up to you! You can wear them whichever long or short you choose! reusable! Did you adore the nails you wore a few weeks ago? You can come back to that appearance in a month!

Very Durable! These will not chip.

Easier to remove than gel or acrylics, and safer on natural nails You save money! cheaper than visits to a high-end nail technician. The second time
you use them, they more than pay for themselves! 

You're a great fit for rare jewels Nails if...

Want to easily and painlessly recreate your favourite looks?

Are you worried that using gel or artificial nails would harm your nails?

Want to be adaptable and alter your appearance whenever you please?

You desire to feel fashionable and look good adore nail art but are unable to create it yourself; instead of spending all day at the manicure salon, you would prefer to be doing something more fulfilling.

How long do they stay?

Selecting an Adhesive

We've already established that the press-on nail industry has advanced significantly in recent years, but they still fall short of a professional job in terms of

Press-on nails that rely on adhesive glue should last for approximately a week, while
those that rely on stickers may only last for three to five days. Yet, certain brands, according to some women, last just as long as the glue versions.

Maintain Press-On Nails

The important thing to keep in mind is that your new press-on nails do not always guarantee you seven lovely days. These adhesives require a cautious hand to produce the desired results, unlike the professional gel or powder dip manicures you receive at the salon.

How to Apply?
  1. Select size, length and shape of your nails. You should choose a nail shape first.
  2. Buff the nails you've pressed.
  3. Use alcohol to clean each nail.
  4. Get your nail stands ready.
  5. Your nails should be free of polish
  6. Reposition your cuticles
  7. Carefully apply glue or glue tabs
  8. Insert the nails, firmly press, and finish!
How To remove?

First, soak your nails.

Add Cuticle Oil

Loosen the Press-On Nails with a Stick or cuticle .

Take Off Any Remaining Adhesive from nails

Take Care of your nails. Buff the nails and apply some oil and moisture to it.

Will it Fit Me?

The length of our nails is standard. A set of 24 nails is advised for an ideal fit. Little, medium, and large nails are distributed among a set of 24 nails.
You can fit any 10 or more nails with no problem.

Reuse more.

24 glue tabs are supplied on one page.

Many extra nails for future use.

Guarantees a flawless fit, ensuring that they appear natural on you.

Included are all the accent, glitter, and gemstone nails.

Are they reusable?

Although press-on nails are durable with proper maintenance, they can even be reused after removal, which is much better! Press-on nails can last up to two weeks with the correct nail glue. Also, if they remain in good condition after those two weeks, you may easily remove the excess adhesive and save them for later.
The greatest press-on nails, however, are the only ones that can be reused.

More Information

For more inforamction contact us on our online support or email us.

Transparent Pricing

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