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Rare jewels is a place where you can pamper your nails with unique designs colours and patterns. We have a few hits collections which are just mind-blowing.


Great Nails require a great technician.

We are highly trained in making diamond nails with unique shapes and designs.

We are the only brand that provides nails with diamond work on it.

We have a special variety for gold and silver nails too.

We make best nails with our expert creativity for you.

We make the nail more attractive with our diamond work on it.

We customise any designs with diamonds for you.

Quality Nail Look

We have an expert team for the quality check of the products.

All the nails are made with proper guidance and good-quality materials.



Black And White Diamond nails


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The Dazzling Diamond Nails For The Fashionistas In 2024!

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If You Love Glamorous Fashion, Do Not Miss Out On These Diamond Jewellery!

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"The designs and patterns of these diamond press-on nails are truly amazing. I was pleasantly surprised by the range of nail shapes Rare Jewels have in their collection. "

"I have been fascinated by the idea of putting natural diamonds on nails. The designs created by Rare Jewels using diamonds on nails are stunning and truly one of a kind.  "

"I was skeptical about the idea, but I am greatly satisfied with Rare Jewels and the quality of this press-on nail. "

“ The price and the quality of the nails are the best. I would surely be purchasing from Rare Jewels again. ”

"I was a little nervous about how these press-on nails will hold up. Rare Jewels do take care of that and the glue tabs provided with the nails are good. "

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about Rarejewels

The welcoming personnel and award-winning design team create a relaxing urban atmosphere. In terms of design and trends, we constantly strive to be original and current with what the market has to offer. Our clients' complete pleasure is our top goal. We give cleanliness and professionalism our highest attention. We bring best out of us on every customers nails. Our focus is to make as much as creative nails.

24K Gold nails

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We, Rare Jewels, make creativity meet craftsmanship to create Luxury nails that adorn your glamorous personality. Embrace the charm of gold, silver, and diamond with our rare nail designs for press-on nails. 

Jewelry on nails!

Jewelry has been the standard of prestige since ancient times. We created silver-gold diamond nails to fit your glamour. Embrace the elegance of these rare jewel gold-plated nails and diamond press-on nails with Us. Our house of nails has the best jewel nails that add to your charming personality with its bling. 

What rare jewel do we provide? 

We make stunning sterling silver fingernails adorned with gold plating and studded diamonds. We wanted to make something for all nail art lovers and give it a rare touch. The touch of skilled artists creates wondrous gold plated and natural diamond-studded beautiful nails. 

Our kit of press-on nail jewelry comes in the form of a kit. The kit contains a specific number of nails and a sticking glue tube for the smooth application of the nails. 

We customize these nail jewelry to make your imagination come to life. Whether it is bridal nails, bridesmaid nails, customized designs like butterfly nails, unicorn nails, or something of your vision, we are here to make it possible! 

Check out our collection of beautiful nails made of silver, gold plated, studded with white and yellow diamond nails. Our rare nail designs have great visual aesthetics to let you shine bright like a diamond! 

Something for everyone!

One shoe can't fit all! Likewise, one set of nails doesn’t fit all. We have a wide range of shapes and trendy nails. The press on jewelry nails comes in the following shapes to meet your needs and requirements. 

Jewel design for nails

We take pride in presenting you with our classy nail designs that could fit right into your dream outfit for your special day. We understand that each individual has a unique style and choices. We value your presence and preference, so we made a premade collection of different nail designs. Here are all the nail jewelry designs we have created. 

Our skills and your style are above this fixed set of designs. Your imagination, combined with our skills, can make artistic nail wonder come to life. Get customized premium nails, a rare jewel made just for you! 

What are the perks of choosing us? 

  • A rare jewel made for a unique personality. 
  • Access to a wide range of premium jewelry nails
  • Customize a design to make your imagination come to life. 
  • Flexible payment options to make shopping easy. 
  • Track your secure shipment for 100% safe product delivery.
  • 24/7 Online support for all your queries. 
  • Transparent policies to know what you are offered. 

Check out Rare Jewels' website for more details regarding our products, offers, and policies.

People also ask:

Q: What is nail jewelry available at Rare Jewels? 

Nail Jewelry is, as the name suggests, simple jewelry for your nails. They are luxury nails made of 925 Sterling Silver, gold plated, and diamond studded nails.

Q: Can I reuse nails jewelry of Rare Jewels?  

Proper application is the key to the long life of the press on nails. If you take proper care of the application of nails and use of nails and do not rough use them, they can be used for a long time. 

Q: How much do Rare Jewels charge for making nail jewelry? 

At Rare Jewels, a transparent pricing policy is adopted to let you know what you are spending. We keep or gain to the minimum, so the value you receive is the maximum. The breakdown of all the costs involved in the making of classy jewelry nail design and product is as follows:

  • Material: 50%
  • Hardware: 20%
  • Labor: 10% 
  • Duties: 10%  
  • Transport: 10%  
Q: What types of nails do I get at Rare Jewels? 

At Rare Jewels, there is something for everyone. The nail jewelry of silver gold diamond is available in varying shapes, sizes, and designs. We offer you stunning yet classy designs in our collection of rare nail designs. You can customize any nails as per your requirements. 

You can also find a collection of varying shapes like Round, Natural Oval, Almond, Square, Mountain Peak, Pointed, Ballerina, and lipstick. Find the perfect fit of nails that representation of your stellar persona. 

Q: How can I cancel my order with Rare Jewels?  

If you want to cancel your order, you can visit the website of Rare Jewels to do so. Press the cancel option on our website, and your order is canceled. It may take 5 or more business days for a refund of your payment. If the order is dispatched from our side, you will be responsible for paying gateway fees of 2% of your invoice. Read our Return & Cancellation Policy to know more about it.